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Isabelle Blakskjær

I’m cylindr’s Customer Engagement Manager, part of our ABM (account-based marketing) team in Copenhagen. That makes me part of a mission to bring the full power of ABM (a far more efficient, targeted way of doing sales and marketing for B2B companies) as well as other 10X practices to our clients in Denmark and Sweden. It’s a fun and very enriching journey, not least because we use ABM ourselves to engage with cylindr’s own market.

Some good news in the midst of the bad

The rapid spread of COVID-19, matched with almost unprecedented falls in stock exchanges and, of course, climate change (which is losing the battle for attention right now)…means that there are plenty of reasons to be worried about this world of ours. And in Denmark, which is now my home, things are particularly tense as the country will be virtually shut down for at least the next 14 days to reduce the risk of viral spreading.

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