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Keith Tully

Keith Tully (guest contributer) is a veteran insolvency expert and business management specialist with Real Business Rescue (RBR) - the UK's most extensive network of insolvency practitioners. RBR is a most-trusted provider of free consultations on matters related to corporate insolvency in the United Kingdom.

5 cost-effective internet marketing methods that could keep your company afloat

It can difficult to view any type of advertising strategy as being affordable or cost-effective when your company is behind on bills and is struggling to stay in business. However, if profits are low and you’re not generating enough income to keep up with financial obligations then attracting new clients/customers may be the fastest way to get out of debt and facilitate a turnaround.

While many business owners are under the erroneous impression that internet marketing is an expensive, high-tech luxury, the truth is that online outreach is a surprisingly easy way to spread awareness and generate quality leads. Furthermore, there are many ways to appeal to a targeted audience on the web with little to no monetary investment required, especially if you operate in a business-to-business industry.

Here are 5 internet marketing methods that can be used to keep your company afloat, even if you have nothing to invest but your own time: Continue reading