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B2B and the tourism Industry: the business case for video

In my previous posts I covered two fundamental issues for B2B companies and marketers in the tourism industry looking to stay ahead of the competition: the need to develop a strong digital strategy and the growing importance of the “mobile factor”. Here I want to focus on another crucial aspect: the massive potential of video. Continue reading

Leveraging Voice of Industry in your B2B communication strategy

If you have been a returning reader you will know that we are big on the ongoing changes in B2B buyer behavior and how most B2B companies have yet to follow suit and create a communication strategy to match the changes. But how can you actually do that? One way is by establishing a respected and credible Voice of Industry. Continue reading

B2B and the tourism industry: Why mobile is key to successful digital strategy

I have already covered the current growth and widening profit margins of the global tourism industry and the need for B2B companies and marketers in this field to develop a strong digital strategy if they want to capture a greater share of the market.

Here I cover one of the most important and fastest growing aspects of every forward thinking digital strategy in 2012: the mobile factor. Without leveraging mobile as an integral part of your digital strategy your carefully thought out plans might not be secured for the future – here’s why: Continue reading

Your Content Strategy – why really, it’s the No. 1 factor in communication success

You will have heard the phrase “Content is King” uttered at numerous seminars aimed at enlightening marketing and communication professionals like yourself about the virtues of going online with your communication strategy. Forget it – it has all too quickly become old news. Instead, make way for what may seem like even more hype: “Content is God”. Continue reading