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The Big Bang Theory of B2B marketing

Standing in the center of the B2B marketing universe, you can be forgiven for having the distinct feeling that the job of the B2B marketer, already large and complex enough, is expanding at an alarming rate. Core skills and disciples, once easy enough to grasp and maintain, are moving further away from you at an accelerating rate, on their way, like the distant galaxies in Stephen Hawking’s famous Big Bang theory, to one day disappear completely from sight. Continue reading

Onshore knowhow drives offshore strategy at A2SEA: Part 3 of 3

Offshore wind energy installation and service leader A2SEA takes a strategic approach to its integrated marketing communications, drawing upon tried-and-tested knowhow to arrive at its communication strategy. Part of that approach involves the use of “Must-win Initiatives”. Continue reading

IntegratedB2B goes live!

Welcome to the very first post in what Michael Best, David Hoskin and I are hoping will be the first of a long line of knowledge-sharing, inspiring and at times mildly amusing insights, opinions and the like.

We’re calling the blog IntegratedB2B to reflect a gap we see in the literature – namely, that most of the attention is focused on online marketing where the real battle, in our minds, is on helping marketing and communication people to see the Big Picture, which for B2B (should) almost always involve integrating online and offline activities in a meaningful way.

IntegratedB2B is born from countless conversations my co-bloggers and I have with both professional colleagues and our B2B clients about how to close a steadily widening gap between the way they communicate with their B2B audiences and the way those same audiences want to be communicated to. And about how to use both offline and online tools in a tightly integrated way to do it.

Things have changed amazingly quickly in B2B marketing and communication. Yet it seems that many marketing and communication managers haven’t realized it. Nor have they realized how much they need to change what they’re doing to reflect a world in which the traditional B2B buyer is fast dying out. That lack of knowledge may sound unbelievable – and I risk stepping on some toes – but I’ve spoken with enough corporate marketers and communicators to know it’s largely the truth.

So that’s the first problem this blog will tackle in the months to come: helping B2B companies to understand the new breed of B2B buyer now ruling their world. The second is figuring out what to do about it. I’d like to welcome you on this journey, hoping that you will find inspiration and motivation in my own writings, those of my regular co-bloggers and others who have been advising B2B companies for many years. And I also hope that your participation and feedback will help to keep IntegratedB2B relevant and useful for years to come.

Glad to have you aboard!