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Social media hiring: Are you hiring a Guru or just a Professional?

The necessity of having someone on your staff who can appropriately manage your social media presence cannot be understated. In absence of a traditional college background for this extremely new job position, how do you determine who is the best candidate? Continue reading

Knowledge sharing platform for a knowledge-intensive company

A new thought leadership platform encouraging stakeholder engagement and subject matter expertise has been launched by a global B2B technology company. Continue reading

Top rated tools for your Social Media Monitoring Toolbox

Social media monitoring tool

Whether you are just getting started or are all about social media this article is for you. Just as a boxer cannot win a fight with his hands tied behind his back, a company cannot maximize its online presence without a robust toolbox to support its social media strategy. A serious social media strategy cannot exist without the support of game-changing tools and, even more importantly, the right people to appreciate and leverage them (you).

Here I look at some top rated tools that help B2B companies listen, engage, promote and analyze in the realm of social media. Continue reading

B2B marketing is easy. Listen!

What happens when a business school marketing professor is asked how to do B2B marketing while he’s in the middle of a story about consumer marketing? His answer is a surprising, after a slight hesitation, “B2B is easy!”

There’s a moment of stunned silence among the audience of business executives.  Continue reading