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Marketing technology and the challenges it brings for B2B

Considering the rate at which technology is advancing, it’s a fool’s errand to try to stay in front of the latest developments. Most marketers are more concerned with staying on board with the latest, but that can be pretty confusing too when there are so many concerns on the table. A vocabulary rich in buzzwords won’t get the job done, nor will a whole suite of sophisticated marketing tools that nobody knows how to use properly.

So, for the small- to medium-size business with limited marketing resources, what are some concerns to focus on? Continue reading

B2B and the tourism industry: Why mobile is key to successful digital strategy

I have already covered the current growth and widening profit margins of the global tourism industry and the need for B2B companies and marketers in this field to develop a strong digital strategy if they want to capture a greater share of the market.

Here I cover one of the most important and fastest growing aspects of every forward thinking digital strategy in 2012: the mobile factor. Without leveraging mobile as an integral part of your digital strategy your carefully thought out plans might not be secured for the future – here’s why: Continue reading