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Best practices for using social media at a trade show

With exhibits to design and logistics to plan, it’s easy to see why so many trade show marketers neglect social media. Budgetary concerns and tough sales targets make it easy to write off social media marketing as an ‘optional extra’ for a trade show.

Social media and trade shows, however, can work together very well. With the right strategy, the right tactics, and the right best practices, your business can turn every trade show into a lucrative sales opportunity using social media marketing. Continue reading

Knowledge sharing platform for a knowledge-intensive company

A new thought leadership platform encouraging stakeholder engagement and subject matter expertise has been launched by a global B2B technology company. Continue reading

How to secure your B2B social media strategy

Any company with a half decent B2B content strategy will be heavily reliant on social media channels to help get their stories out into the world. Even though more and more companies (large and small) have social media accounts these days, more often than not they don’t have a strategy for how they should be operated. This is a big mistake. Continue reading

Build real thought leadership with subject matter expert videos

Anyone remember the 1980’s movie “Revenge of the Nerds”? Here’s how it went: tired of being bullied by a particularly condescending jock fraternity and perpetually ignored by every good looking girl around college, a group of freshmen geeks band together and, through their superior knowledge, special personal talents and high energy enthusiasm spectacularly defeat the frat boys and win over the girls. Continue reading