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Rapid buyer persona development

My colleagues and I were recently thrown a challenge by one of our clients to identify and describe its key stakeholder personas in half a day. On first thought, and despite our in-depth knowledge of the company and its industry (offshore engineering services), it seemed an impossible task, especially because the company has several business areas and various customer types within each of those business areas. But always up for a challenge, my colleagues and I planned a high-intensity session with the outcome of clearly defined buyer personas representing the most important revenue streams. Continue reading

Target all stakeholders throughout the value chain

Does your pizza packaging stick?Once again, I was recently reminded of the complexity of B2B marketing in today’s connected world.  I was speaking at a seminar for a group of sales representatives from Cotes, a manufacturer of industrial dehumidifiers, and in a discussion about targeting stakeholders, someone astutely pointed out that the right people to target might be in any number of different companies throughout the value chain. A seemingly simple observation that has a huge impact on a marketing plan!

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