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CASE STUDY: 9 ways to improve your B2B brand story with emotional branding

Case Study - Reson

[CASE STUDY] B2B is rarely considered sexy or even exciting, yet for B2B buyers, great solutions radically improve their day-to-day working environments and hold the potential to make or break their businesses. Why, then, shouldn’t it be possible to create a strong emotional connection with your buyers through B2B marketing and communication? After all, your services or equipment is part and parcel of their professional aspirations, challenges and ultimately their business’s success in the marketplace and beyond.

This case study offers 6 ways to check whether your brand story is off target and 3 takeaways for how to improve your connection to decision makers with emotional branding. Continue reading

Build real thought leadership with subject matter expert videos

Anyone remember the 1980’s movie “Revenge of the Nerds”? Here’s how it went: tired of being bullied by a particularly condescending jock fraternity and perpetually ignored by every good looking girl around college, a group of freshmen geeks band together and, through their superior knowledge, special personal talents and high energy enthusiasm spectacularly defeat the frat boys and win over the girls. Continue reading