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IntegratedB2B is born from countless conversations we’ve had both with professional colleagues and our B2B clients about how to close a steadily widening gap between the way they communicate with their B2B audiences and the way those same audiences want to be communicated to. And about how to use both offline and online tools in a tightly integrated way to do it.

Things change quickly in B2B sales and marketing. Marketing and communication managers realize how much they, too, need to change what they’re doing to reflect a world in which the B2B buyer has greater knowledge and resources. They know it – and their executive management knows it, too.

So that’s the first problem this blog tackles: helping B2B companies to understand the new breed of B2B buyer now ruling their world. The second is figuring out what to do about it. Sometimes, we also ask questions and discuss topics more broadly related to business success, particularly for people working in industrial markets.

We’d like to welcome you on this journey, hoping that you will find inspiration and motivation in our own posts as well as those of co-bloggers and others who have been advising B2B companies for many years. And we hope your participation and feedback will help to keep IntegratedB2B relevant and useful for years to come.

Glad to have you aboard!

David Hoskin and Jonathan Winch

David HoskinDavid Hoskin is a business strategist and marketer who has helped dozens of B2B companies formulate and execute winning market strategies for more than 15 years. An expert in B2B content strategy, David is focused on designing processes to support organizations in implementing integrated communications programs. He co-founded Copenhagen-based ad agency cylindr BBN, part of the world’s largest B2B agency presence across 27 countries), together with Jonathan Winch in 2003 – and has since sought to assist and bring together marketing and communications professionals in addressing their key challenges. With a background in engineering, arts, communications and business studies, David is an accomplished writer and speaker. A graduate of the Henley Executive MBA program (distinction), he has conducted extensive research with executive management of international B2B companies about the contribution of marketing to sustained business performance.
mob: +45 2215 5123
email: david@cylindr.com
Jonathan WinchJonathan Winch is a B2B marketing strategist and creative force who spends most of his working life advising clients in knowledge-intensive industries on to succeed with their products and services in the international arena. Born in New Zealand, he has lived in five countries and enjoyed a B2B-focused marketing and communication career spanning more than 25 years, making strategic contributions to businesses such as Johnson & Johnson, Nokia Siemens Networks, Cisco, LEGO, DuPont Nutrition & Health, Arla Foods Ingredients and many other well-known brands. Jonathan regularly speaks on a variety of B2B marketing and communications topics to audiences around the globe. Like David, he is a co-founder and partner of cylindr BBN.
mob: +45 26235123
email: jonathan@cylindr.com