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Hugo Ludbrook

I’m Hugo Ludbrook, a guest blogger on Integrated B2B. I'm a convert and promoter of the modern B2B marketing practices articulated on this website. I believe in the value of content creation as a means of engaging with your community and industry and building a company's brand based on honesty and relevance, rather than propaganda.

B2B mobile strategy: Time to build an app for your business?

As we’ve seen in the recent launch of the “Facebook phone”, smartphones are one of the hottest battlegrounds in business at the moment. Mobile is the new frontier, and for B2B companies today, just having a great website and being on social media isn’t enough; companies need to think in terms of multi-channel strategy. Continue reading

How to secure your B2B social media strategy

Any company with a half decent B2B content strategy will be heavily reliant on social media channels to help get their stories out into the world. Even though more and more companies (large and small) have social media accounts these days, more often than not they don’t have a strategy for how they should be operated. This is a big mistake. Continue reading

Top rated tools for your Social Media Monitoring Toolbox

Social media monitoring tool

Whether you are just getting started or are all about social media this article is for you. Just as a boxer cannot win a fight with his hands tied behind his back, a company cannot maximize its online presence without a robust toolbox to support its social media strategy. A serious social media strategy cannot exist without the support of game-changing tools and, even more importantly, the right people to appreciate and leverage them (you).

Here I look at some top rated tools that help B2B companies listen, engage, promote and analyze in the realm of social media. Continue reading

7 ways to keep your subject matter experts feeding the Content Machine

If your company has established a blog, a few social media accounts or perhaps an independent thought leadership platform, then you have a group of employees contributing content on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. To keep the content flowing, they need to be supported as best they can. Continue reading