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Yuriy Boykiv

Yuriy Boykiv is a guest blogger on Integrated B2B. He is co-founder and CEO of Gravity Media, a full-service advertising agency that helps brands connect with multicultural and international consumers. Connect with Yuriy on Twitter.

The secret to communicating with multicultural audiences

The United States is a more culturally diverse nation than it’s ever been before. Together, cultural minorities comprise nearly half of our overall population: 56 million Americans are Hispanic, 34 million are black, 20 million are of Asian descent, and 45 million have roots either in the Middle East or Eastern Europe. The numbers are growing daily.

For businesses, these figures are tremendously important. If your communications strategy is culturally homogenous, you run the risk of alienating a large share of your audience. But it’s challenging to run a campaign that resonates with people from different cultural backgrounds. Continue reading