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Words to watch out for – if English isn’t your native business language

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cylindr’s home market is Scandinavia. And, while the Scandis (thanks to one of my colleagues last week for proving to me that the word “Scandi” has become mainstream these days) are known for being well-versed in the English language, there are still a few common errors that squeeze through the cracks in the world of business.

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Why bad English-language writing is bad for business

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Customers and potential customers judge you and your company by the content you produce – and if you’re marketing to an international audience with poorly-written English-language material, you can expect to be judged harshly. In an era of ever-increasing concern about fraud and personal data safety, badly written content could be scaring away even more potential customers – and making you look like a twit.

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8 ways to come up with great last minute content

“If you want to be interesting, be interested.”

There’s probably a good deal of truth in this saying, and if your business is content marketing or depends on your blogging activities, you’d do well to keep it in mind.

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